August 11, 2020

New Features

  1. Microsoft Outlook users can install the Workstorm Add-in to quickly add a video conference to a calendar event in the Outlook web and desktop apps.
  2. Desktop app users will now get push notifications for received messages that will provide the user a preview of the message content. Please see linked desktop app upgrade notes for further information.

User Experience & User Interface Improvements

  1. Workstorm’s customer success and support email flows have been updated to support redirects to the desktop app.
  2. Workstorm’s calendar integration has been upgraded to provide a more consistent performance.
  3. An attendee quick-add option has been added to the new event editor. Users won’t need to click on More Options to invite attendees. Instead, they can do it on the first screen they interact with when creating a new event in calendar.
  4. The order that global search search results are displayed has been changed to Messages, Conversations and then Files.
  5. Email addresses for the sender and recipients are available to view on any email that is opened in Workstorm’s email integration.
  6. A copy invite button has been added to a calendar event’s preview. Clicking on the copy invite button will copy the fully formatted video conference invite to the user’s clipboard.
  7. When interacting with email attachments in Workstorm’s email integration, users can now choose to Download, Re-share or Store in Workstorm (save the attachment to your file repository).
  8. The interface for creating and adding members to a division has been simplified and updated.
  9. Improvements made to the Global Search interface.
  10. Improvements made to Integrations interface.


  1. Viewing emails with images, attachments and signatures in Workstorm’s email integration has been upgraded.
  2. A bug causing incoming sounds for video call invitations or new messages to be silenced in the desktop app has been fixed.
  3. A bug causing the first search result in the Help/FAQ menu to be obscured has been fixed.
  4. Clicking pop out on replies or forwards in Workstorm’s email integration will no longer cause the user to be logged out of O365 on some occasions.
  5. Sorting transactions in the Plan and Payment settings menu has been corrected.
  6. For Google Chrome users, suggested login credentials saved in Chrome will no longer block the Send Invitations input box that’s located in a video conference’s Invite Workstorm User menu.
Updated on August 11, 2020

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