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Help Articles

  • Private Messages

    An introductory overview of how to send private and urgent messages, share files, start video calls, use @mentions, reactions, Emojis, and much more
  • Teams

    Detailed instructions for using Team Messages for group collaboration
  • Workspaces

    Step-by-step instructions for creating new Workspaces to organize conversations
  • Announcements

    How to access Company-wide and Division Announcements in Workstorm
  • Alerts

    How to send, receive, dismiss and respond to Alerts, Urgent Messages and @Mentions
  • Contacts

    Detailed instructions for finding and favoriting Contacts in Workstorm
  • Recents

    Detailed instructions for finding and accessing Recent activity in Workstorm
  • Surveys

    Step-by-step instructions for creating and participating in Surveys
  • Flags

    Instructions and best practices for using Flags in Workstorm
  • Notifications

    Instructions for enabling, disabling and customizing Notifications in Workstorm on desktop and mobile