June 14, 2024

New Managed Folders Feature

  • Build and deploy a secure and robust folder structure administered by a Governance Admin (GA) or Global Folder Admin.
    • GAs specify the matters, apply compliance and retention polices, and segregate information.
  • GAs can segregate information by creating and specifying managed folders to guide projects, matters, tasks and/or caseloads.
  • Then, GAs assign folder admin access to the leader/s of the project, called the Managed Folder Admin (MFA) or Matter Administrator.
    • Matter Administrators define communication channels within the matter and can create channels and file folders
  • Once assigned admin access to the folder, the MFA can organize channels inside the managed folder to allow colleagues to collaborate on the project at hand.
    • Share messages, video conferences, upload and discuss files and schedule meetings. All securely done inside the managed folder.
    • Only the GA, MFA and the members of the managed folder will know these channels exist.
  • The compliance moderation tool, which the GA can have access to, will store a history of the data in the managed folders.
  • If the managed folder needs to be deleted for any reason, the GA has the ultimate power to do so.

User Experience & User Interface Improvements

  • Improved bluetooth connectivity in video conferences.
  • Enchanced user’s return to the app from computer sleep or loss of network.
  • Dark and light mode optimizations.
  • Channels and DMs have an upgraded Settings menu.
  • Updated the Alerts menu.
  • Longer session times in the mobile app without getting logged out.
  • Boosted accuracy of the Typing and In a Call statuses.
  • Improved messaging of hyperlinks by providing a preview when users hover over the hyperlink.


  • Sqaushed bugs.
Updated on July 16, 2024

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