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How to integrate an app with Workstorm using Zapier

One of the many advantageous features Workstorm offers is the ability to pull in data from another app, like a twitter feed for instance, and post a message to a team conversation whenever there is something new to share.

To connect Workstorm to another app using Zapier, a company admin will need to begin by creating an integration in Workstorm.

  1. Click Settings on your left side bar and choose Integrations under Organization Settings
  2. Select New Integration at the top right of the window. Before moving elsewhere, make sure that the toggle next to Integration is enabled is toggled on.
  3. Enter a name and short description for your integration. 
  4. Copy the API token and paste it somewhere handy. For example, open up a word document or a text editor and paste it there. You will be needing soon.
  5. If you want, you can add a picture to represent your integration.
  6. In the provided search box below Select Teams for this integration, enter a preexisting team name where you would like the integration to post messages. Select the team when it pops up in the search results. 
  7. After selecting the team, it will move under the Teams with Integration section. Click on Copy Conversation ID to Clipboard and paste the conversation ID with the API token you copied and pasted earlier. 
  8. Click Save. 
  9. Go to Zapier and sign in to your account.
  10. Click Make a Zap and search for the app you want to connect.
  11. Depending on the app you choose, you will be walked through a set of choices to customize your Zap and integration. Here’s an example of a Zap made to send new tweets to the team you previously selected in Workstorm. 
  12. In the Username field, enter in the twitter handle you chose above in Choose Account.
  13. In the Do This section, search for and select Webhooks by Zapier
  14. Select Post from the Action Event dropdown menu.
  15. Enter in https://app.workstorm.com/api/v1/post?conversation=insert-conversation-id&token=insert-token-id&urgent=false to the URL section. Add in the conversation ID and the API token you copied and pasted earlier in the allotted areas.
  16. Choose Json as the Payload Type.
  17. Enter text (in lowercase) in the data field and then format the post. See below for an example. 
  18. In the Send Data section, test the Zap to make sure it posts a message to your selected team with the correct formatting. If no changes are needed, turn on your Zap and have it send any new tweets from the selected handle until you turn it off or delete the integration from within your Workstorm settings.
  19. See below for an example of how the Zap you created would look in Workstorm. As you can see, there were a couple attempts made until the formatting was finalized. 
Updated on March 31, 2020

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