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February 23, 2024

New Video Conferencing (VC) Features

  • Maximized video feeds in speaker and tile modes, creating a more connected experience
  • Set and lock your default VC settings for your preferred microphone, speakers, virtual background, and camera settings
  • Updated status – when you are in a VC your app status will automatically sync to “In a Call”
    • Requires the user to initially turn on this setting
  • Personalized layout of the VC feature bar – choose to pin it on the left, bottom, right, or top of your screen
  • Speaker tracking in tile mode and in the attendee menu
  • One-click to add additional internal or external guests to the VC
  • Privatized and secure in-meeting messaging that exists only within the active meeting
  • Upgraded design of the moderator menu and additional advanced functionality
    • Use the new video and/or audio moderation tool to turn off an attendee’s mic and/or camera
  • Updated pathway to connect to a VC with intuitive options to join the VC in browser or open it in the Desktop App
  • Released updates to the iOS and Android mobile and tablet apps to support the new VC features

User Experience & User Interface Improvements

  • Dark mode
    • Improved dark mode experience across the entire app, including in the conversation window, file uploader, search, etc.¬†
  • Updated nomenclature for messaging across the app
    • Private Messages” are now called “Direct Messgaes (DMs)
    • Teams” are now called Channels
  • Improved Workstorm account password and 2FA reset flows


  • Squashed bugs
Updated on February 23, 2024

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