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What is Workstorm?

Welcome to Workstorm! Perhaps you heard about us from a friend or colleague. Perhaps you received an email from your company inviting you to sign up. Or, perhaps you read about us somewhere and are wondering, “What’s the deal?” Well, here it is.

What is Workstorm?

Workstorm is an all-in-one platform designed for businesses to collaborate securely, efficiently and seamlessly. In the simplest of terms, we make work a little easier. In practice, this means private messaging, team messaging, video calls, file sharing, surveys, company-wide announcements and more, all from one secure platform.  We provide serious collaboration tools for serious business, because getting things done requires more than just email.

You can access Workstorm from your laptop or desktop, or access it on the go via the mobile app, for Apple and Android. With real-time notifications across all devices, you can ensure you never miss a message.

Who uses Workstorm?

Unlike other collaboration tools, Workstorm was built to serve enterprise customers, with the scale, control and security required for financial institutions, law firms and legal practices, multinational corporations, government agencies and more. Workstorm integrates into a large number of platforms to keep collaboration free flowing and simple. Our API easily connects to your existing technology, plugging into existing email accounts without replacing them.

Why Workstorm?

Work takes collaboration, but collaboration shouldn’t take work. Studies show that saving minutes of productivity saves dollars towards your bottom line. Workstorm helps minimize the time and effort it takes to communicate – using messaging instead of emails, screen sharing instead of screen grabs, secure file sharing instead of printing, and so much more.

We know there’s a difference between working and getting things done. That’s why we help companies measure performance and provide access to data analytics, so you can see your productivity increase and understand how Workstorm is working for you.

The only thing more important than productivity is security. That’s why our customizable platform is designed to keep your ideas secure and confidential, increasing efficiency while maintaining the highest level of corporate, client and customer confidentiality. Keep team conversations private, share files only with authorized personnel, set password parameters, enable single sign-on and more. Workstorm ensures that your business stays your business.

How to get Started

Getting started is simple. Our intuitive platform enables new members to get up to speed in minutes. Request a demo to see how Workstorm can work for your business.

Already have a company account? Login using an existing username and password, or set up a new login by opening the email invitation from your site administrator or colleague.

Updated on April 5, 2022

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