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Essential and Fully Featured Views

In the customization Options menu in the top right of your Workstorm top bar, you can choose your preferred app display mode: Essential or Fully Featured.

Essential View

Your Workstorm left side bar will have Messages, Connections, Meetings, Files and Calendar.


In messages you can send messages, files and start video conferences with your Connections, can create new private and team messages and view folder structures you’ve customized to organize your Messages menu.


Clicking this icon brings up a list of your Connections you’ve made on Workstorm. You can also invite connections into Workstorm via your personal connect link or email connection invite features.


Click this icon to to start an ad hoc video conference Meeting or to schedule a Meeting for later.


Access your Workstorm file repository and the document management solutions you or your company has integrated.


The calendar icon shows current month view of the calendar as well as your upcoming and past Meetings schedule.

Fully Featured View

In addition to the core features aforementioned in Essential View, there are additional features in Fully Featured view.


Click the Email icon on your left hand side bar to access your mirrored Office 365 email account. Note: Email and Calendar will be available for users that have integrated Workstorm with Office 365.


Selecting this icon allows you to create a dashboard design for your messages on Workstorm.

Updated on February 26, 2024

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