How to Find and Use Connections

The Connections feature is like a digital rolodex or online registry of all members you’re able to collaborate with on Workstorm. Based on details voluntarily provided in each member’s profile, Connections enables you to quickly search for and find member details including their titles, phone numbers, email addresses, and other information provided by your connection.

To search for a member’s contact information, select the Connections feature icon in the left sidebar. Type the first few letters of a member’s name in the search bar to find a specific connection.

Click on the three dots (ellipsis icon) to the right of the connection’s name to view their contact info, start a videoconference or jump into a private message. Only the information the member has elected to include in his or her profile will appear as contact info.

Adding new connections

There are three ways to add a connection. Firstly, via an email invite.

  1. Navigate to the New+ button on the left sidebar.
  2. From the New+ menu, click Invite New Member.
  3. Add your connection’s email and name.  If multiple invites are needed, select Save and Add Another. Note: Company Admins can choose to invite new connections internally or externally by toggling on Internal or External to Team/Company.

Secondly, via a Personal Connect Link.

  1. Navigate to the Connections feature icon on the left sidebar.  
  2. Click the +Add button on the top right of the Connections menu.
  3. Copy your personal connect link and send it out to a colleague you want to connect with on Workstorm.
  4. Once the invited user has completed their Workstorm sign-up using the sent connection link, approve or deny the connection request in the “Pending Connections” section of the Connections menu by clicking the ellipsis menu to the right of the connection’s name. You can also accept the request by clicking Approve on the pop-up toast that will appear at the top-middle of your app.
  5. If you approve the connection request, you can start sending messages, scheduling meetings and collaborating with your new connection.

Thirdly, via a team connect link.

  1. As a Team Admin on Workstorm, you can send the team’s connect link to a colleague to add them to that particular team message.
  2. Once the invited user has completed their Workstorm signup using the sent connection link, approve or deny the connection request by clicking Approve or Deny on the pop-up toast.

Editing your Personal Contact Information

To update personal information for your profile, select Settings at the top right of your Workstorm window. Then, select Profile. Here, you can make updates to your name, profile picture, title, phone numbers, email, and physical address or location.

With Connections right at your fingertips, you can quickly locate a colleague’s phone number or email address, confirm his or her title, and even start an impromptu call. Connections enable you to spend less time searching and more time collaborating.

Updated on March 8, 2022

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