Meetings, one of the core features of Workstorm, enables face-to-face collaboration over video conference and allows users to schedule Meetings with colleagues.

There’s two ways to access the Meetings feature via Workstorm’s left sidebar…

From Workstorm’s New+ Button (“Command Center“)

  1. Press the New+ button from the left sidebar.
  2. Once open, you have the option to start an ad hoc Video Conference or Schedule Meeting.

From the Meetings feature icon in your left sidebar

  1. Select the Meetings feature icon.
  2. Once opened, you will have the option to Start meeting or Schedule meeting.

Starting an Impromptu/Ad Hoc Meeting

If you select New+ button –> Video Conference or the Meetings feature icon –> Start meeting you are immediately taken into an active video conference window where you are the moderator. From this window, you are able to invite colleagues to your active Meeting.

Schedule a Meeting

If you select New+ button –> Schedule meeting or the Meetings feature icon –> Schedule meeting a pop-up window will open, allowing you to create a title, select a date and time and invite colleagues (internal or external) to your meeting. Once scheduled, it will appear in the Meetings sidebar menu under “Upcoming” with the date and time.

A Meeting reminder will show up 15 mins before the meeting is scheduled with an option to Open, Snooze 5 Minutes or Dismiss.

Active meetings will show up under “Ongoing.” A Meeting becomes active 15-minutes before the scheduled start time. Click the video camera icon on the ongoing Meeting or click Open on the pop-up meeting reminder aforementioned, then Join to jump on the video conference with your colleagues.

Updated on March 8, 2022

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