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Global and Local Message Search

Finding messages, files, private and team messages or announcement channels to open and view, as well as past Meetings details in Workstorm is easy with Global Search at the top-center of your app. We like to call it the “Superheader” at Workstorm.

Enter a keyword into the superheader search input located at the top-center of your app and search your history across Workstorm. The more unique and exact the keyword, the more refined and precise your search results will be. Results will appear that match your keyword (highlighted in yellow), across all names of private and team messages or announcements where you are a member, files you own or have been shared with you and past meetings details within your account history.

Dig deeper by filtering by type of result you’re looking for with the All, Messages, Team Messages, Files and Meetings tabs at the top of the Global Search Results modal.

Local Message Search

While global search helps members find information across your entire app, local message search helps pinpoint information located within the expanded message you’re viewing.

To run a local message search, open the private or team message or announcement channel in which you’d like to search. Then, click Search, located directly above the message input box, to open the search bar. A search input will appear and replace the message input box.

Then, type the keyword or term you wish to search, and press the green search icon on the right side of the search input to run the search. Results that match your keyword will appear in the conversation window above the search/message box, with keyword matches highlighted in yellow. On the left-hand side below the message a counter will appear with the total number of search results found for your keyword. Click Next or Previous to see messages immediately before or after the exact search result to find context.

Updated on March 14, 2022

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