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Workstorm Videoconferencing January 2022 Upgrades

Over the past few months, Workstorm has implemented fullscreen mode, virtual backgrounds and call recording. Here are a few tips and tricks on using these new features!

Virtual Backgrounds

1. Click the Virtual Background button (located in the bottom right of your screen on every call) to open the virtual background feature menu. 

2. Select from a set of default backgrounds, or upload your own as a JPEG or PNG file.

3. Click Use Virtual Background to apply your changes.

Call Recording

1. Click the Start Recording button in the top left of your videoconference app window to open the recording feature menu.

2. Pick a video feed to lock in for the recording, or choose to record the auto-selected presenter. 

3. Configure your audio recording options:

  • Toggle on Audio-Only Recording to record only audio. No video will be recorded. 
  • If you’ve locked in a video feed to record, you should see the toggle for Only Record [Attendee’s Name]. Toggle it on to record only the locked-in feed’s audio. 

4. Click the Start Recording button in the bottom right to start recording.

Note: Call recording is only available for paid plans. Please set up a meeting with our sales team by clicking here.

Fullscreen Mode

1. In the View menu, select Presenter mode. 

2. Click the Full-Screen button (found in the bottom right) to view your videoconference in full-screen on your browser or desktop app.

Updated on February 2, 2022

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