Workstorm is built to help professionals, teams and businesses work more efficiently together. With our Tabs feature, you can eliminate time spent searching for a particular conversation or switching windows to check your email or calendar. Pin what you need at the top of your Workstorm window and move between features with a single click – powering you through your tasks, priorities and projects.

What are Workstorm tabs?

When you sign in to Workstorm for the first time, you’ll notice that there’s already a tab near the top left of your window. This workspace tab is pinned automatically for you. 

In addition to workspaces, you can create new tabs for: 

  • Private or team conversations
  • Your email and calendar
  • Division or company announcement channels
  • Workstorm file repositories or integrated document management systems
  • Surveys
  • Help, FAQ, privacy policy and terms of service pages in Workstorm

If a tab is pinned and you click somewhere else in Workstorm, that feature will open in a new tab. If a tab is unpinned and you click somewhere else in Workstorm, that feature will open in the same tab. 

To pin a new tab, hover over the top right of the tab and click on the thumbtack icon that appears:

Once you pin a tab, the top right corner of the tab will appear curled in: 

To unpin a tab, hover over the top right of the tab and click on the X that appears:

Pinned tabs will stay in place unless you choose to unpin them. You can add as many pinned tabs as you like to the top bar. 

If you pin more tabs than will fit in the bar, a “More” menu will appear. Click on that menu to access your additional tabs: 

A simple example to get started with Tabs

Let’s say you log in to Workstorm and want to talk with your colleague, Becky Gonzalez, about an upcoming project. When you open up Messages and click on Becky’s name, that private conversation will become an unpinned tab to the right of your default workspace tab:

Becky mentions a couple of files related to the project. To access those files while continuing your conversation with Becky, you can create an additional tab. Just click on Files in the left side bar and Workstorm in the submenu to open a new tab for your file repository:

This lets you jump quickly between your private conversation with Becky and your files, without losing your place in either of them.

Then you remember that there are a couple of project-related emails you’d like to review, too. Click on Email and then Inbox to open up a new tab next to the Files tab. Now you have four tabs that can help you coordinate with Becky more efficiently on your shared project:

We’re here to help

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Updated on January 23, 2020

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