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September 24, 2020

New Features

  1. The Workstorm Outlook Add-in has been optimized and is now available for download here.
  2. Team Admins can convert an external team, with both an external and internal Team Admin, to an internal team after removing the external Team Admin from the team and clicking the convert button found in Team Settings.

User Experience & User Interface Improvements

  1. Workstorm’s Calendar and Email integration received stability and performance upgrades.
  2. Expired video conferences have upgraded visual feedback.
  3. External globe icons have been added to the Recent menu for external teams and private messages.
  4. The Help/FAQ menu has been modified to support changes in the app’s width and height.
  5. Modified a set of Workstorm email templates that are sent to customers to reduce the risk of those emails ending up in spam folders.


  1. The design for long conversation names in the Recent menu has been improved.
  2. Upgraded the design of Workstorm’s Dropbox integration.
Updated on September 24, 2020

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