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September 2, 2020

New Features

  1. Message export functionality can now be turned on or off by the Company Admin.
  2. Added ability to preview .eml attachments in a pop-out viewer in Workstorm’s integrated email feature.
  3. Domain matching protocols have been updated allowing companies to have the option to create multiple Workstorm instances using the same domain.

User Experience & User Interface Improvements

  1. Users can search for a colleague that is a member of their Workstorm company via their name, but now also their email address, to start a new private message conversation.
  2. Upgraded file upload performance for large powerpoint files.
  3. The alert that arrives after a Company Admin allows/disallows external collaboration has been updated to provide more context on how that change will affect the rest of the company.
  4. A calendar event that has video conference toggled on will now have both a web browser and a desktop app redirect link available for the invitees.
  5. After signing up for a new account on Workstorm, the email confirmation template has been simplified and a desktop app redirect link has been added.
  6. The design for the Users menu in Settings for Company Admins has been upgraded to support changes in the width of the user’s desktop or web app screen.
  7. Calendar performance has been enhanced to allow for users to stay logged into their calendar integration for longer periods of time. For example, a user can choose to keep their calendar logged in overnight and not have to log back into calendar each morning.
  8. The compliance module was upgraded to allow for Compliance Moderators to be able to start a new search on a company member, but have the option to view a recent search without having to start a completely new search.
  9. An email template has been added to alert users who were blocked, but reinstated by their Company Admin, so that they can reset their password and log back into Workstorm.


  1. Improvements made to folder creation and editing in Messages.
  2. After updating the admin privileges of a team or division member, the privileges editor will no longer stay open.
  3. Messages with line breaks will keep their multi-line format when using the copy to clipboard functionality.
  4. Deleting an unsaved division will no longer cause the Create Division button to become not clickable.
  5. The design for joining a video conference directly from Workstorm’s sign-in page has been upgraded.
  6. Improvements made to emoji use in Messages and Alerts.
  7. Minor bug fixes for tabs revolving around leaving a team or private message conversation, as well as closing and re-opening workspaces.
  8. Counters for video conference invitations will no longer stay unread after accepting a call.
  9. Improvements made to adding attendees to a Calendar event that includes a video conference.
  10. Files that have a special character at the start of their file name will now be supported.
Updated on September 23, 2020

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