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October 28, 2021

New Features

  1. Full-screen functionality is available in Workstorm videoconferencing! It can be enabled in Presenter Mode.
  2. Company Admins can utilize the new and improved Plan and Payment dashboard to complete payments in the app, make changes to product license details, view past invoices and contact our support team.
  3. Users will see a release notes pop-up detailing the new features and/or UX improvements when they log in for the first time after a new product update or after they click on the “Version Upgrade” toast.

User Experience & User Interface Improvements

  1. Tabs can be reordered and dragged between the tab bar and the More… menu.
  2. Users can choose their default tab behavior when opening new tabs in SettingsDisplay.
  3. One-touch dial-in functionality added to Workstorm Calendar events.
  4. Videoconferencing, screen sharing and dial-in received a performance boost.
  5. Upgraded performance of Workstorm’s Calendar integration with 0365.
  6. Workstorm’s Outlook Add-in will stay logged in for up to 30 days or until the user logs out.
  7. Implemented ability to sort file repository columns, and added a file size column in the Workstorm file repository.
  8. Performance of a user’s status indicator (idle, away, active, and custom) has been improved.
  9. Longer global search results have been trimmed down, so it’s easier to scroll to see more search results.
  10. Counters added to the More menu in Fully Featured View so users know if there are any unread items inside.


  1. Optimized the Workstorm app’s performance when returning your computer from sleep mode.
  2. Implemented file storage limits for individual users and companies on Workstorm’s Free Trial plan.
  3. The Dismiss All button in Workstorm Calendar event reminders correctly dismisses the all event reminder toasts.
  4. The Open Video Conference button in Workstorm Calendar events created via Outlook Add-in opens the videoconference correctly.
  5. Improved the empty state for the Folders menu in the Conversations/Messages sidebar.
  6. When a user starts to type an @mention in a team conversation, the team members will be separated from other users in the auto-complete pop-up.
  7. Announcement channels can be added to Folders in the Conversations or Messages sidebar.
  8. Added hover over tooltips for the icons in the Conversations or Messages sidebar.
  9. Improved open/collapse behavior in folders in the Conversations or Messages sidebar.
  10. Files starting with an “#” can be downloaded correctly.
  11. New users with zero connections that create a team will see an upgraded empty state in the Manage Team Members menu.
  12.  Minor bug and nomenclature fixes throughout the app.
Updated on October 29, 2021

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