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October 19, 2020

New Features

  1. Microsoft’s OneDrive is available as an out-of-box integration. The Microsoft Office 365 (O365) integration now includes Email, Calendar and OneDrive.
  2. New Workstorm Users signing up now have the option to join a company they were invited to or to create a new company.

User Experience & User Interface Improvements

  1. Importing a CSV list to invite users to Workstorm has updated user feedback and places those imported users in an invited state rather than pending, reducing the number of steps the Company Admin needs to take when bulk inviting in Settings → Users.
  2. Improved performance for Email and Calendar integration with O365.
  3. Email previews and Calendar event previews have updated security measures that block potentially malicious content.
  4. If a user signs up for a new company with a domain that matches the domain of a previously created company on Workstorm, which has auto-join enabled, the user will see an option to contact Workstorm’s help desk or to sign up with a different email address.
  5. If the Company Admin disables the O365 integration, the user won’t see blank spaces in their left side feature bar where Calendar and Email icons were previously placed.
  6. Improved feedback for users that had Calendar, Email or one of their DMS integrations (Dropbox, iManage and OneDrive) as pinned tabs when the Company Admin disables the O365, Dropbox or iManage integrations.
  7. Ad Hoc video conference invitations have updated messaging to the user receiving the invite.
  8. New users to the platform are defaulted to the light color theme.
  9. Improved performance when a Team Admin reassigns an External Team to an Internal Team.
  10. If the user selects a layout before adding conversations to a new Workspace, the selected layout will be utilized when the user starts adding conversations to the Workspace.
  11. The counter for a video conference invitation is removed after the invited user accepts or declines the invitation.
  12. User profile pictures have been added to the Add Team Member menu.
  13. Desktop push notifications are sent even if the user changes their status to something other than Automatic.


  1. Company Admins setting up their company receive an upgraded account verification email.
  2. Users with lots of pinned tabs can now unpin tabs from the More Tabs menu.
  3. The “&” symbol is handled correctly in the Join Team menu.
  4. Folders starting with lower and upper case letters will be ordered correctly.
  5. Modified the user feedback when inputting an incorrect password during the password update flow in Settings → Security.
  6. Emojis are no longer cut off on Mac OS in the Recent menu. Plus, Emojis in Windows and Mac OS have an improved visual design.
  7. The Workspace feature menu has improved design, so users with lots of Workspaces can scroll to the bottom of their list of Workspaces.
  8. Links and code snippets no longer show up blank in the Recent menu.
  9. Modified the design of the Users → Settings menu, so that it can better handle an app window that gets reduced in width and/or height by the user.
  10. The first search result in the Help/FAQ menu won’t get covered by a green highlight.
  11. Improved a Company Admin’s experience joining an Announcement channel from the Join Announcements menu.
  12. Announcement channel members can flag messages sent in the channel.
  13. Upgraded code snippet theme colors, so that the user sees the change in code snippet color selection without needing a site refresh.
  14. Modified multiple toasts with buttons that were unresponsive.
  15. A site refresh is no longer needed to see a recently uploaded file appear in the local conversation files filter search.
  16. Improved visual design for the y-axis for all three possible data sets in Settings → Analytics.
Updated on October 19, 2020

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