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November 25, 2020

New Features

  1. Video conferencing and screen sharing has been upgraded to a new interface and received a performance boost.
    • Attendees that are logged into Workstorm have full access to their private message conversations, including file uploads, search and more, with other company members on the call.
    • Attendees can customize their tile layout view, which includes the ability to create multiple pages of video conference attendees, using the Max Video Feeds slider in the Display Mode menu.
    • Attendees can join from additional browsers like Firefox, Safari and Microsoft’s Edge. To experience the best performance with Workstorm’s video conferencing feature, please download the desktop app here or use Google Chrome.

User Experience & User Interface Improvements

  1. Performance boosts and interface enhancements to Workstorm’s integration with Microsoft Office 365 (Email, Calendar and OneDrive).
    • A refresh button is available near the top right of the Calendar and Email feature windows, which syncs up Workstorm with Microsoft Office 365, if necessary.
    • Recurring events will not have their video conference link expire after 30 days.
    • Users with large amounts of folders and subfolders in their email account can view them in Workstorm.
  2. File upload popper menus and other menus throughout the app, such as More and Global Search on the left side bar, have been upgraded to fully support the light and dark app color themes.
  3. Users can utilize an upgraded fully searchable emoji menu in conversations by typing in a colon and entering an emoji name or keyword.
  4. The Admin’s Plan and Payment menus, the Workspace setting menu and the Workstorm file repository’s filter menu have been modified to better handle user’s with smaller computer screen sizes and/or a higher zoom setting.
  5. Upgraded error feedback and API token handling in an Admin’s Integrations menu.
  6. Adding conversations to a folder has an upgraded interface when choosing the Add to Folder option from a conversations ellipsis menu in the Messages menu.
  7. In the Workspace settings menu, users can search for a conversation name or keyword and toggle on multiple conversations to add to their Workspace.
  8. Upgraded feedback in the Compliance Module when choosing a new search parameter.


  1. Re-sharing a file from a file preview has been optimized.
  2. Flagging a file preview in a conversation has been upgraded.
  3. A bug that affected the ability to paste video conference links in the Joining Video Conference inputs on Workstorm’s sign-in page has been fixed.
  4. Users can pin a tab that is in the More Tabs menu.
  5. The names used in the Admin’s SettingsUsers filter menu are modified.
  6. Enhancements made to the creation of a Division and management of Divisions.
  7. Various visual and performance upgrades to Workstorm’s Survey beta feature.
  8. Global Search and local conversation search better handles commas, email addresses, links, colons, @mentions and emojis.
  9. The left side feature panel received visual upgrades and won’t become misaligned when a user tries to drag a Workstorm folder, a conversation from the Messages menu or a file from a directory into the side bar.
  10. Folders in the Messages menu received a few minor visual enhancements.
  11. A bug causing OneDrive file Global Search results to not download or be re-shared properly has been fixed.
Updated on November 25, 2020

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