May 9, 2020

New Features 

  1. New sign in flow to support Companies using SSO (Single sign-on). Once SSO has been set up for a company in Workstorm, the Company Members will only have to enter their email address to sign-in through SSO providers and begin collaborating.

User Experience & User Interface Improvements

  1. The design and steps of Workstorm’s sign-in process has been upgraded to accommodate SSO.
  2. A simplified create account and password page has been added for internal and external users that have accepted invites to join Workstorm.
  3. Company Members that get promoted to Company Admin will see a toast message alerting them of the promotion and it will provide an option to sign-out. The new administrative capabilities will be available for use after a sign-out and sign-in to Workstorm.
  4. The notification settings menu has been enhanced to allow users to customize how Workstorm should notify them of a new email.
  5. Video conference dial-in functionality has been upgraded to provide more time to enter the conference access code and clearer instructions on joining a video conference via dial-in.
  6. Options to add additional colleagues to a video conference, as well as invite links, email and calendar invite templates and dial-in information can be accessed from the Invite User icon.


  1. Two-Factor Authentication recovery options for both Google Authenticator and SMS are available for use in Workstorm’s updated sign-in process.
  2. Calendar event previews have been modified to better handle a large list of attendees.
  3. When trying to utilize Workstorm video conferencing on unsupported browsers, users will be provided with options to download Workstorm’s desktop app or the latest version of Google Chrome.
  4. Firefox users will be able to utilize Workstorm video conferencing and screen sharing capabilities.
Updated on May 8, 2020

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