Mar. 18, 2020

New Features 

  1. Releasing Corporate Governance Module.
  2. Added a weekly calendar view to the Calendar Side Bar. By clicking on the Calendar Menu icon, users will be able to see the current week’s scheduled events and view event details. Access the full calendar view by clicking on any of the dates in the mini-calendar at the top of Calendar Side Bar.

User Experience & User Interface Improvements

  1. Users will receive Reminders for upcoming Calendar events. They can choose to snooze or dismiss the alert, as well as open the event’s details directly from the Reminder.
  2. An enhanced plan and payment flow has been implemented. It can be accessed directly from the Company Admin’s settings menu. Admins will be able to purchase or update their license plan, make payments, see payment history and send a message to their Account Representative.
  3. An arrow has been added to the Menu bar to allow users to re-open the menu to the last menu that was opened.
  4. Within Notification settings, an ellipsis menu has been added to allow users that are customizing their private message notification preferences an option to check a particular contact’s email address. If there are multiple users with the same name, the ellipsis menu will aid in determining which contact’s toggle should turned on or off.


  1. If a user previews a file from a conversation’s file repository, they will be redirected to the page that was last viewed after closing the file’s preview.
  2. The design of message counters has been upgraded.
  3. Leaving a conversation or deleting a team when that conversation is your only pinned tab will no longer cause any errors. Instead, the user will be redirected to a workspace.
  4. Users can see who liked a message by hovering over the thumbs up icon that will be located below the message.
  5. Canceled events will render correctly in Workstorm’s calendar.
  6. After deleting a file from a conversation, it will be immediately removed from that conversation’s file repository and the files filter in advanced search.
  7. The process of joining an open, public team has been improved.
  8. Date range selection in message export functionality has been updated and improved.
  9. If you are a member of an external team that has a team admin that is also external, an orange external globe has been added to the team admin’s name in the team member list.
Updated on March 17, 2020

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