July 9, 2020

New Features

  1. Company Admins that own an Enterprise license can utilize a new and improved method of making credit card payments in Workstorm’s Plan and Payment menu.

User Experience & User Interface Improvements

  1. If a user types out a message in a workspace conversation or expanded conversation, they will no longer lose their message draft when they move elsewhere in the app before finishing and sending their message.
  2. Users can quickly send out an invite to Workstorm by clicking on the New button at the top of their left side bar and then Member Invite.
  3. Workstorm’s Email and Calendar integration has been optimized to better handle Email and Calendar accounts that have a significant amount of data.
  4. Company Admins will be able to set up their own personal Two-Factor Authentication method before enabling it company-wide.
  5. Workstorm users, as well as users without a Workstorm account, that have been invited to a video conference, can join that video conference directly from Workstorm’s sign-in page without having to log in.
  6. A recurring event with a video conference link will no longer have that video conference link expire after 30 days.
  7. After searching for a keyword in global or local conversation search, the keyword will be highlighted in yellow in the search results.
  8. After re-opening the global search feature, the user will no longer see a former search result.


  1. The company sign up flow in the desktop app allows for the user to cancel and get redirected back to the sign-in page, if necessary.
  2. Messages with a number of likes greater than 10 has an improved design.
  3. Users who are added to an announcement channel or @mentioned in an announcement channel can click on “Go to” in the toast and alert message that they receive. After clicking “Go to,” the user will be redirected into that particular announcement channel.
  4. Scrolling in local conversation results has been modified to provide a more intuitive experience for the user.
  5. In the light color theme, the upload file option in Workstorm’s file repository and Dropbox has an upgraded design.
  6. When searching for a user to @mention, an external globe has been added to the @mention search result to differentiate an external and internal user that may have the same name.
  7. After searching for a user to start a private message conversation, the previous search result will no longer show up when the user opens up the new private message menu again in the future.
  8. If a Team Admin sends an email invite to a colleague to join the team, the Team Admin will no longer see green check marks in empty email address, first and last name input boxes.
  9. Users can close out of the More menu by clicking on the More button on the left-side bar.
Updated on July 9, 2020

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