July 19, 2021

New Features

  1. Connections
    • Add connections by sharing personal and team connect links to people you want to collaborate with on Workstorm.
    • Approve or reject connection requests from people joining Workstorm via a shared connect link.
    • Search for connections and start a private message or video conference with one click.
  2. Meetings
    • Start a video conference meeting or schedule one for the future.
    • Schedule, invite individuals, edit and cancel meetings as the meeting’s Organizer.
    • RSVP to meeting invitations by clicking Approve or Reject under “Upcoming Meetings” or in the private conversation with the meeting’s organizer.
    • Keep track of ongoing, upcoming and past meetings.
    • Open, snooze or dismiss meeting reminders.
  3. Touchless Onboarding
    • Introduce new users to Workstorm’s core features with a revamped tour.
    • While waiting for a connection request to be approved, new users can create a team or share their own personal connect link.
  4. Essential View
    • Simplified the user interface to provide a better overall user experience on Workstorm.
      • Access Conversations, Connections, Files and Meetings from the left side bar’s feature menu.

User Experience & User Interface Improvements

  1. In a new tab, users can pick a conversation or feature to expand from the left side bar, open a recent conversation or create a new conversation.
  2. Filter global search results by messages, files, conversations and/or meetings.
  3. Nomenclature and functionality of feature menus modified to be consistent across all areas of the app.
  4. Upgraded video conference email invitations to only have one secure link and to be less confusing.


  1. Minor bug fixes to the 0365 calendar integration.
  2. Left side bar performance upgrades for users with lots of data.
Updated on July 20, 2021

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