January 6, 2022

New Features

  1. Virtual backgrounds are here! Pick from the default set of backgrounds or upload your own backgrounds to use in Workstorm videoconferences. Set a default background to use for all of your videoconferences. 
  1. New emoji library. Choose from a robust set of emojis to react to a sent message or send an emoji/s in a conversation using the upgraded emoji picker. 
  2. Essential view has a whole new look on the top bar! Access global search, settings, alerts, your custom statuses and profile all from Workstorm’s top bar.

User Experience & User Interface Improvements

  1. In conversations, you can choose to start a video conference or an audio call. 
  1. Sort your conversations in your sidebar by Recent or A-Z, as well as have the ability to show the conversation’s last message. 
  1. Performance improvements to videoconferencing and screen sharing, as well as Workstorm’s integration with 0365 (Calendar, Email and OneDrive). 
  1. Upgrades to @mentions in conversations. 
    1. Type @team to alert all members in a team conversation. 
    2. Improved user interface for searching and choosing an @mention
  1. Filter global search results by flag color. 
  1. More user friendly Plan and Payment feature set for company admins.  
  1. Company admins can invite new users to a team conversation and choose whether they join as an external or internal company member. 
  1. If a user tries to connect with you on Workstorm, use the pop-up toast to accept the connection request. 
  1. In the Meetings feature, start or schedule a meeting using the new, one-click buttons. 
  1.  New users can download the mobile app using a QR code once they sign up and view the onboarding tour. 
  2. Optimized internal/external toggle in Connection invites for company admins when inviting multiple users at one time.


  1. Simplified the email design for Workstorm invites. 
  1. Improved timing of user status updates. 
  2. Bug squashing and other minor improvements across the app.
Updated on January 6, 2022

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