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January 25, 2021

New Features

  1. Social Sign Up! Users creating a new Workstorm account can sign up via Facebook quickly and securely without needing to check their email account.

User Experience & User Interface Improvements

  1. Video conferencing and screen sharing received a performance boost and enhancements to the video conferencing messaging feature:
    • Video conference attendees that receive a message in the conference chat or a private message can quickly navigate to those conversations, without leaving the video conference, by clicking on the appropriate message bubble.
    • A timer to record a video conference’s duration was added to the left side attendee menu.
    • If an attendee chooses to screen share, their camera will be turned off by default to improve screen sharing performance. The screen sharer can re-enable their camera to enter presenter mode, if necessary.
    • Invite user button was moved to the bottom right of the video conference window to provide more real estate for attendee’s video feed tiles.
    • If a user receives a call while active on both the web google chrome app and the desktop app, they will hear the ringing turn off on the device they did not accept the call on.
  2. Calendar and Email 0365 integration received visual and performances upgrades, as well as a few other improvements:
    • A View Calendar button has been added to the left side bar’s Calendar menu allowing users to open their calendars in a tab.
    • Users in monthly view can click on a dropdown menu on busy days to see all of their events.
    • If a user receives multiple calendar reminders at the same time, they can dismiss all of them with a single click.
    • Padding has been added next to event previews in Weekly and Daily calendar views in case a user needs to add a second event in the same time block.


  1. A bug causing black screens to show up on a user’s personal video conference tile after screen sharing on particular Windows computers has been investigated and a possible solution has been implemented.
  2. A bug causing the Advanced video conferencing invite panel to show incorrect calendar integration options has been fixed.
  3. Users on a video conference that are logged into their 0365 integration can send a video conference invite with a customized message via the Advanced invite menu.
  4. A bug causing the None reminder option in Workstorm’s 0365 calendar integration to malfunction has been fixed.
  5. Visual upgrades to the user’s experience when creating or editing a division announcement channel.
  6. Popping out windows in the 0365 email integration has been visually upgraded.
  7. Visual upgrades to the 2FA TOTP and SMS set up wizard for new users that are required to set up 2FA before joining a company.
  8. The pin icon on tabs has been enlarged and is easier to spot and utilize.
Updated on April 8, 2021

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