Feb. 21, 2020

New Features 

  1. Advanced filters have been added to Global Search. After entering a keyword, a user can choose to filter the search results by Files, Conversations or Messages.
  2. In conversations (Private and Teams) and Announcement channels, a user can choose to export a set of messages within a selected time and date range as a downloadable excel (.xls) file.
  3. In conversations, (Private and Team) and announcement channels, a user can copy a message to the clipboard by clicking the copy icon to the left of the react and flag icon.
  4. Onboarding tutorials for features and functionality throughout Workstorm have been re-enabled in the platform for new company members and admins, as well as external users.

User Experience & User Interface Improvements

  1. Calendar’s recurring events functionality has been expanded. There are now advanced settings that will allow users to enable relative or absolute options for weekly, monthly and yearly recurring events.
  2. When a calendar event has been canceled by the event organizer, Workstorm will now show that the event has been canceled with a strikethrough and an added “Canceled” text in the event preview and details.
  3. In daily and weekly Calendar views, all-day events will be clearly separated from other events in an “all-day” section.
  4. When using the time selector in the event creator, the scroll position for Start and End will no longer start near 12 am – 4 am, but rather, will be scrolled to the correct time range automatically.
  5. Previews for shorter events (15-30 minutes) in Calendar have an improved design in daily and weekly viewing options.
  6. When reloading the site or logging in, the user will see an upgraded loading screen.
  7. If a user opens the Workstorm file repository and keeps their Files sub-panel open, the action icons (Preview, download and re-share) will be available to click within the allotted window width instead of having to scroll to interact with those icons.
  8. The order of conversations in the Messages panel is no longer case sensitive. The list is now truly alphabetized.
  9. The edit workspace popper has been upgraded visually to support larger font sizes. Specifically, the workspace settings and the toggles to add conversations can be found in separate menus within the edit workspace popper.
  10. Video tutorials have been updated and can be found by clicking the blue question marks in feature menus throughout the platform or by clicking on Help in the left side bar or More menu and then User Guide.
  11. Surveys have been removed from the platform and are currently being upgraded. A company admin can request for Surveys, in their current state, to be re-enabled, if necessary.


  1. The process of deleting a workspace and updating the user’s tab structure has been improved.
  2. A tab’s name will update in real time when the name of a team conversation is changed.
  3. Users will not be able to leave a team name blank. A warning message will be sent if a user tries to delete a team name without renaming it.
  4. The company creation and onboarding process for external users has been enhanced.
  5. If a user receives a video conference invitation while their computer is in sleep mode, the method of alerting that user of the missed call has been optimized.
Updated on March 17, 2020

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