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December 2, 2022

New Features

  • Google Calendar Integration.
    • Access your Google calendars and choose a color to identify each calendar in Workstorm.
    • Create, share, view and manage events.
    • Add Workstorm Video Conferences to Google events.
    • If you have an 0365 account, you can access both Google and 0365 calendars at the same time!
  • Google Drive Integration.
    • View your Google Drive files and folders in Workstorm.
    • Upload files to your Drive from Workstorm.
    • Search for and re-share those uploaded or existing Drive files with your colleagues.

User Experience & User Interface Improvements

  • Upgraded UX for inviting colleagues to a Workstorm Video Conference.
    • Select individuals or bulk add users to invite them to an active Video Conference.
    • Search and add contacts from Workstorm, Google and/or 0365.
    • Quickly copy and share dial-in info and/or the link to the Video Conference.
  • Updated the layout of Workstorm’s top bar.
    • Company Admins can upload and showcase a company logo in the top left of the app.
    • Mute sounds for an Hour, the Day or Always with the handy Mute App menu.
    • Access important alerts, like updates to teams, urgent messages and @mentions from colleagues and changes to company settings in the Alerts menu.
    • Customize your status in the Profile/Status menu.
    • Access app color theme and layout options, Help/FAQ, Settings and Download the desktop app from the ellipsis menu.
  • Performance and UX enhancements in Workstorm’s file repository and Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, iManage and OneDrive DMS integrations.
  • Boosted app performance when returning from long periods of inactivity or after losing access to your wifi or ethernet network.
  • Improved opening and closing the left side feature bar and each feature’s sub menu.
    • Feature icons can be re-ordered in fully featured view. Drag and drop based on your preferences.
  • Added a keyboard shortcuts cheatsheet for Video Conferences. Access it from the top right layout menu in your Video Conference by clicking Explore Shortcuts.
  • Save 0365 email integration drafts with the new Save Draft button.
  • Active tabs in light and dark mode will have a green highlight to showcase that they’re the tab currently selected/being viewed by the user.


  • Squashed bugs.
  • Updated forgot password flow to be more intuitive for users.
  • Team rosters will be alphabetized by first names to be consistent with the Add Members modal for team admins.
  • Optimized nomenclature across the app and in the new user onboarding tour.
  • Improved scrolling in pop up modals.
  • Updated app’s refresh toast UX when network connectivity is lost or when the app needs a refresh.
  • Enhanced calendar reminders performance and timing.
Updated on December 5, 2022

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