April 8, 2021

New Features

  1. Workstorm now integrates with Box. Company Admins can enable the Box integration in SettingsApps. Once enabled, company members can log into their Box accounts, access their files and folders and share those files with colleagues on Workstorm.
  2. Company Admins can choose to invite a new user as an internal or external member of their company when using the New buttonPrivate MessageInvite by Email and New buttonMember Invite.

User Experience & User Interface Improvements

  1. Upgraded performance for video conferencing and screen sharing, including enhanced support for low bandwidth feeds.
  2. Workstorm’s iManage integration now supports Cloud iManage accounts.
  3. Added support for Workstorm company sign-ups on Safari, the default web browser on Mac OS.
  4. After creating a new team, the Team Admin will be able to quickly toggle on members to that team by using the popped open Add Members menu. Any user added will see the team’s roster opened when they go to that conversation for the first time.
  5. If a Team Admin searches for a user and toggles them on in the Add Members menu, the search term will clear and allow Team Admins to immediately start a search for the next user to add to the team.
  6. Added a troubleshooting menu to the video conferencing window.
  7. Significantly increased the area in which a user can successfully drag and drop a file into Workstorm’s file uploader.


  1. Optimized notification preferences to sync across the web browser and desktop app version of Workstorm.
  2. Decreased the length in which the ringer will last when a user isn’t available to interact with a video conference invitation toast to twenty seconds.
  3. Optimized the desktop app’s performance when being reloaded following a user bringing their computer back from sleep.
  4. Improved scrolling behavior when a conversation’s history has lots of links and files.
  5. Enhanced the layout of nested private message conversations in folders created in a user’s Messages panel.
  6. Modified and upgraded all possible email templates that could be sent to Workstorm users and Company Admins.
Updated on April 8, 2021

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