Apr. 4, 2020

New Features 

  1. Company sign up has been streamlined for customers interested in using Workstorm’s video conferencing solution.

User Experience & User Interface Improvements

  1. The Calendar Side Bar will better handle users that have a large amount of events in a given week.
  2. The Calendar event preview module has been upgraded to show more details of the upcoming event.
  3. Links will expand in conversations to show a preview of the shared hyperlink.
  4. Multi-day Calendar events have an improved design in Daily, Weekly and Monthly Calendar view options.
  5. Video conferencing and phone dial-in received a performance upgrade.
  6. The Recents menu has been upgraded to allow users to scroll down to a max of 20 recent messages.


  1. The Left Side Bar was updated so it will no longer freeze after dragging and rearranging the feature icons.
  2. Timeout has been added to idle video conferences, so that the video conference will close automatically after 30 minutes of zero activity.
  3. Invitees will be able to see the notes section of the event they were invited to.
  4. After dismissing a Calendar event reminder toast, the user will no longer see it again after refreshing or logging back into Workstorm.
  5. The global search popper has been updated to allow users to download and re-share a file directly from a global search result.
  6. The plan and payment menu within a Company Admin’s Organization Settings menu has been updated to reflect the new pricing plans implemented to help those in need of a collaboration platform during the COIVD-19 pandemic.
  7. The export message functionality has been improved to handle hyperlinks properly.
  8. The design of the external globe icon will now be consistent across all areas of Workstorm.
Updated on April 6, 2020

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