Receiving Company or Division Announcements

How to access Company-wide and Division Announcements in Workstorm

The Announcements feature enables your company leadership to send one-way announcements and files to large groups of employees, securely and all at once. Since announcements are one-way messages, your inbox will never get cluttered with “Reply All” responses from other recipients. Furthermore, unlike email announcements from all-employee or department listservs, Workstorm announcements are automatically stored in your Announcements section for easy access and future reference.

To maintain the quality and integrity of the Announcements you receive, only Site Administrator(s) are permitted to send company-wide announcements. Similarly, only Division Leader(s) or Site Administrator(s) may send out division announcements. As a result, you know that the Announcements you receive are sent with purpose and from positions of leadership within your organization.

Receiving Announcements

Access your Company and/or Division announcements by selecting Announcements or the  icon in the left menu. Here, you will see your announcements sorted by Company and/or Division.

Some company accounts opt to use the Divisions feature in Workstorm, while others do not. Divisions may mirror your company’s departments, offices, or geographies, and are created and assigned leaders and members by the Site Administrator.

To request to join a Division, click on the +Join button at the top right of the Announcements menu. Click the  toggle beside the Division name to request to join that Division. Once the Division Admin accepts your request, the toggle will change to  to denote you are now a member of that Division and will begin receiving announcements.

Click on the name of your company or a Division to view announcements within each category.

If you have unread announcements, a counter will appear beside Announcements in the left menu, denoting the number of unread announcements. Within the Announcements tab, counters will appear beside each Company or Division to denote the categories containing unread announcements. Once each new announcement has been opened, the ticker will update until there are no more unread announcements.

Announcements may also contain files attached for viewing or downloading. If you receive an announcement with a file attached, access it by clicking on the category and open the announcement. Then, click the  icon to preview the file or the  icon to download it.

With Announcements, you can stay up to speed on important news and updates from your company and Division leadership. Whether it is an invitation to the holiday party, or an invitation to update your employee benefits; changes in leadership, or changes to the code of conduct; news of promotions, or news of new clients – with announcements, you’ll be sure not to miss it.   

Updated on January 9, 2020

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