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Inviting New Members

How to invite new members to Workstorm

Step-by-step instructions for inviting new members to join Workstorm

Workstorm is designed to help you collaborate effectively and efficiently with various colleagues and stakeholders across your sphere of influence. Many of these individuals may already be members of Workstorm, particularly if they are within your company or organization. Some individuals, especially those outside your organization, may need to be invited to join you on Workstorm. This article provides step-by-step instructions for inviting new members to Workstorm.

First, it’s important to understand the permissions set by your site administrator, as this determines how new members are invited to Workstorm.

Permissions set by site administrators

Site administrators have the ability to invite new members to join as either internal or external members, regardless of the new members’ organization or domain name. They also have the ability to set permissions for existing members to invite new members to Workstorm.

Some site administrators may choose not to permit members to invite new members. In this case, you must contact your site administrator to request an invitation to be sent to a new member.

Some site administrators may choose to permit members to invite new members under certain specifications. Members may be permitted to invite new external members, or new internal members with a site administrator-approved domain name. For example, the site administrator for the Acme Co. company account on Workstorm allows members to invite new internal members if they have the acme.com domain name or Acme’s agency of record’s domain name, xyzcorp.com.

Now, let’s start by taking a look at inviting new internal members.

Inviting internal members

Internal members share your company domain name or a site administrator-approved domain name in their email address. For example, robert@acme.com and cindy@acme.com share the acme.com domain name and patrick.williams@xyzcorp.com has an approved domain name. All are internal members of the Acme Co. company account on Workstorm.

In many cases, the site administrator will invite employees or company partners to become internal members of a company account on Workstorm. Every employee or partner that accepts the invitation from the site administrator and creates a profile on Workstorm will appear in Contacts and in a Private or Team message search.

However, let’s suppose a colleague or partner did not receive an invitation email (perhaps it went to spam) and did not create a profile. This is the case with Cindy’s partner at XYZ Corporation, Patrick. Patrick does not appear in Cindy’s Contacts or in a Private or Team message search. So, Cindy invites Patrick to join the rest of the team on Workstorm.

To do this, Cindy selects the Blue Plus icon near the top of the left side-bar menu. Then, she clicks Private Message and the Invite by Email button. 

Next, she enters Patrick’s First Name, Last Name and Email Address in the boxes provided and clicks the Invite button. This sends an email invitation to Patrick from support@workstorm.com, inviting him to join Workstorm as a member of the Acme Co. company account. Since Patrick has an administrator-approved xyzcorp.com domain name, he may join Workstorm as an internal member.

While Patrick’s invitation is awaiting his acceptance, Patrick’s name will appear in Cindy’s left menu under Private Messages. From here, Cindy can resend or delete the invitation to Patrick by clicking on the ellipsis menu that will appear to the right of their name on a mouse hover, as necessary.

Once Patrick opens the email invitation and creates his member profile, Cindy will receive a notification that Patrick is now a member. Patrick can begin collaborating with Cindy and all other Acme Co. and XYZ Corporation colleagues on Workstorm, and his name will appear in Team and Private Message searches.

Inviting external members

Based on permissions set by the site administrator, members may have the ability to invite new external members. External members do not share your company domain name or any other site administrator-approved domain name.

Examples of external members might include clients, agencies, freelancers, contractors or other partners that you work with outside your organization. As external members, these individuals are often granted limited access and functionality within your company account in Workstorm, as set by your site administrator.

Some companies choose to manage external members’ access to features such as Announcements, Contacts or Team search, based on company policies and preferences. Furthermore, some companies prefer to permit only the site administrator to invite external members. Contact your site administrator for details on your company’s policies and permissions for inviting external members.

At Acme Co. employees are permitted to invite new external members to join the Acme Co. company account on Workstorm with limited access and permissions. So, Robert invites his external client Rhonda to join Workstorm using the same method outlined above for inviting internal members. He can view, resend or delete Rhonda’s invitation under Private Messages in the Messages menu, marked with the  icon denoting External Members. When Rhonda receives the invitation email from support@workstorm.com, she sets up a profile and can begin collaborating. Robert will also receive a notification that Rhonda is now a member.

According to the external member permissions set by the Acme Co. site administrator, Rhonda can do everything she needs to collaborate effectively and efficiently with Robert and her Acme Co. team. For example, Rhonda can collaborate one-on-one with Robert in Private messages and video chat, as well as securely upload, download and share files. She can receive Alerts and Notifications and access Contacts of members with whom she is directly connected. Robert can even invite Rhonda to join a Team conversation with other internal and external members.

Inviting new internal and external members to Workstorm helps broaden the reach of your collaboration activities while keeping your information safe and secure. Consider inviting new members to join you on Workstorm, or contact your site administrator.


Updated on January 9, 2020

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