How to create and participate in Surveys

Step-by-step instructions for creating and participating in Surveys

The Surveys feature in Workstorm enables members to quickly and efficiently create and participate in anonymous polls with other Workstorm members. Popular uses of the Surveys feature include scheduling meetings, collecting input/feedback, coordinating volunteers and more. With Surveys, members can save time and eliminate unnecessary back-and-forth emails or messages when attempting to coordinate input from multiple colleagues or stakeholders. Simply send a survey to all participants and await the consensus in your Surveys section.

Now, let’s take a detailed look at how to create and participate in Surveys on Workstorm.

Creating surveys

To create a new survey, start by selecting Survey in the left menu. Then, click New Survey. If you have previously used the surveys feature, you will see any existing surveys in which you have been invited to participate, as well as any surveys you have previously created and the results.

This will open a new Create Survey window. Here, enter a title and survey question in the text boxes provided. Select the type of question (i.e. Yes/No) from the list of options. To include additional questions, click Save to bring up the Add a Question button. To remove a question, click the  icon in the upper right of the question box.

If you wish the survey results to be visible to all survey participants, select Everyone under Who can see results? If you wish the survey results to remain private, select Survey Admins. This will ensure only you (the survey creator) and any other Survey Admins (as designated by you) can see the results of the survey.

Next, invite members or teams to participate in your survey by typing their names in the text box below Share this survey with. Click each member or team name to add as a participant. Since all survey responses are kept anonymous, you must include a minimum of three participants to a survey. To remove a participant, click the to the right of the participant’s name.

To assign additional Survey Admins, first invite them to participate in the survey. Then, select the  icon beside Participant under the members’ names and change to Administrator.

To save your survey as a draft, click the Save icon on the right panel. When you are ready to issue your survey, click the Share button at the top of the right panel.  You may access your saved and shared surveys at any time by selecting Surveys and then Overview in the left menu.

Participating in surveys

To participate in a survey, select Survey in the left menu. Then, click OverviewHere, you will see a section labeled Surveys to Take. If you have surveys awaiting your response, they will appear below this section and a counter will appear beside Surveys to Take with the number of surveys awaiting your response. If you have no surveys awaiting your response, the counter will show (0).

Click Take Survey to open and respond to a survey. Note that all survey responses in Workstorm are kept anonymous. Only the final results of a survey are visible to either the participants or the survey creator/admins depending on the permissions decided when creating the survey. 

When you enter a response to each survey question, your response(s) will be automatically saved.

Viewing survey results

To view the results of a survey you created or participated in, select Surveys in the left menu, then Overview, hover over title of the survey in the Surveys to View or Edit section and click on See ResultsHere, you will find the results of that survey listed by date and time received. Click on the dropdown icon under Select Date to see the possible dates to choose. Results only appear after three or more participants have responded to the survey, in order to maintain the anonymity of the participants’ response(s). Click on the latest date and time to view the most recent results. Remember, not all surveys you participate in allow for participants to see the results.

Editing and Re-sharing Surveys

To edit or re-share a survey with the same or different group of participants, hover over the survey’s title in the Surveys to View or Edit section of the Surveys Overview window, then select the edit  icon. Here, you may update the questions asked, the list of survey participants, survey administrators and who may see the results. Click the Save icon when you are finished or the Share icon to send the survey. The re-shared survey and its results will appear as a separate entry under your Surveys with the new date and time it was shared.

Using the Surveys feature in Workstorm helps members gather input from multiple different stakeholders efficiently and effectively without all the back-and-forth. Consider all the different ways that you could be collaborating while saving time with surveys. Now, give it a try.

Updated on January 9, 2020

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