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Global, Local, and Advanced Search Options

How to use Global Search and Conversation Search

A step-by-step guide to using global, conversation, and advanced searches in Workstorm

Finding messages, files, links, and other information in Workstorm is quick and easy with global search, conversation search and advanced search options. Global search enables members to perform a broad-sweeping search across their entire history, while conversation search enables members to search within the confines of a single conversation. Advanced search options dive even deeper, allowing for date and member name parameters, color-coded flags and more.

Each feature has its benefits and best practices, so let’s dig in to some step-by-step insights for using each.

Global search

The global search feature is ideal for locating messages, files and information when you cannot recall exactly in which conversation the information was relayed.

For example, if Naveed had conversations three months ago about the Q2 Investor Slides with Gloria, Bob, and the entire Investor Relations Team, he might have trouble recalling which of these conversations discussed specific changes to slide 4. Using global search, Naveed can perform a keyword search across his entire account history using the terms “Q2 Investor Slides” and “slide 4” to surface the exact messages and information he is looking for.

To run a global search, click the  icon near the bottom of your left menu. This will open the global search window.

Next, type a keyword or term unique to the information you are seeking. The more unique and exact the keyword, the more refined and precise your search results will be. Results will appear that match your keyword (highlighted in yellow), across all names of Conversations you are a member of, Files you own or have been shared with you and also any Messages within your account history. A counter in the bottom right of each Conversation or Messages result shows how many times your keyword appears in that particular conversation or message.

If you select a Conversation result, it will take you to that conversation where you can view the message history and send a new message. If you click on a Message result, you will be able to view all relevant results within the Global Search window. If you click on a Files result, you will see a preview and relevant information for that file.

Click Next or Previous to see messages immediately before or after the exact search result. This enables you to see more context around the search result, or locate peripheral information within the same message or conversation.

Click on Reset to clear the search results and start over.

Conversation search

While global search helps members find information across a broad range of conversations, conversation search helps pinpoint information located within a single conversation.

For example, say Naveed knows he collaborated only with Gloria on the changes to slide 4. In this case, he can conduct a keyword search for “slide 4” directly within his conversation with Gloria. Using conversation search in this way can sometimes prove faster and more precise than global search, particularly when searching for a frequently used keyword that may appear in other irrelevant conversations.

To run a conversation search, open the private or team conversation in which you’d like to search. Then, click the  icon, located above the message box, to open the search bar. The search bar will appear and replace the message box.

Then, type the keyword or term you wish to search, and press Enter on your keyboard to run the search. Results that match your keyword will appear in the conversation window above the search/message box, with keyword matches highlighted in yellow. Beside the  a notice will appear with the total number of search results found for your keyword. Click Next or Previous to see messages immediately before or after the exact search result.

File search

Within a conversation, Workstorm offers another method of speeding up search functionality. If you are looking for a file within a conversation, click on the Files tab next to Search to bring up a scrollable list of files that have been shared in a conversation.

You can also view the files shared within a conversation in a spreadsheet form, similar to how it’s structured in your Workstorm File repository. Click on the Files icon on the right menu of the conversation to bring up a list of files shared within that conversation. You can sort by name, type, size and upload date, as well as download, preview or re-share any of the files within the conversation’s files list. Widen or tighten the columns as needed.

Advanced search options

Some members opt to use advanced search options to help further refine their search results. To conduct a more refined conversation search, click the  icon on the bottom right of the search text box. This will open a menu of more advanced search options, including the option to filter by flag color, date range, files only, or member/contact name.

For example, perhaps Naveed knows his “slide 4” conversation took place with Gloria in last month. He can set this as the Date Range and thereby remove outlier results from irrelevant time periods.

Similarly, Naveed could search the keyword “slide 4” within a team conversation and select From Contact advanced option to only show results from Gloria. This would remove any results from Bob or other team members that might be irrelevant. Or, perhaps Naveed is only looking for the “slide 4” file, rather than messages and comments about slide 4. He can set the advance search option for Only Files.

Furthermore, in some cases, Flags can prove to be an invaluable tool when running advanced searches. For this reason, some members opt to use color-coded flags throughout their conversations to aid in future searches.

For example, perhaps Naveed collaborates on many different slide decks throughout the year. Thus, making changes to slide 4 of the Q2 Investor Slides is only one of countless slide changes he has discussed with Gloria this year. So, throughout the year, Naveed flags messages with Gloria related to Investor Slides in red, Monthly Financial Slides in green, and Executive Summary Slides in blue. Now, when he conducts a conversation search, he uses the Flags advanced search settings for red flagged messages, ensuring that his results not only contain the keyword “slide 4,” but also relate only to Investor Slides.

With advanced options, conversation search, and global search, members can search as narrowly or as broadly as necessary to find exactly what they’re looking for, exactly when they need it. At Workstorm, we know there’s a difference between working hard and getting things done. That’s why our search features are designed for the latter, so you can get what you need and get on with your day.

Updated on January 14, 2020

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