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File Uploading, Sharing, Management, and DMS Integrations

How to send, receive and store files on Workstorm

Detailed instructions for using secure file sharing and storage

Sharing files with colleagues, clients and superiors is a necessary part of conducting business, but it hasn’t always been easy. Where email often excels in security, it often lacks in capacity and efficiency, making it difficult or impossible to send and receive large files, or to find files buried in past emails.

Drop boxes and file transfer services have no trouble with capacity, but they require users to leave their regular work interfaces to go upload or download a file, thereby wasting time and reducing efficiency. In addition, many services only store files for a limited time, resulting in expired download links. But most importantly, many of these file sharing services do not guarantee the security of your files, especially on free accounts.

For all these reasons and more, Workstorm provides all of its members with secure, high capacity file sharing – so that you can get more things done with less hassle.

Storing files

All files sent by or received by you are stored securely in your Workstorm File Repository in the left menu. Click on Files and then Workstorm to find a historical list of every file you have uploaded to Workstorm and every file other members have shared with you.

These files can be previewed , downloaded , or reshared  with other members at any time from directly within your Workstorm File Repository, using the icons to the right of each file. You may also upload files directly to your storage, using the  icon in the upper right corner of the window. With high capacity file storage, you can upload and share individual files as large as 3 gigabytes (GB).

Sending files

There are two ways to send files in Workstorm. The first way is to click on Files in the left menu. Then, either Upload a new file that you would like to share, or search for an existing file. Then, click the Share icon to the right of the file. Search for a Private or Team conversation to share the file with by using the provided text box at the top left of the upload file window. Select the Private or Team recipient from the dropdown list generated and click Upload to share the file. 

The second way to send files in Workstorm is to click on Messages in the left menu and open a Private or Team conversation. Then, click on the  icon, located to the right of the message box, or simply drag and drop a file into the message box. This will open the file uploader, where you can choose to upload one or more files and add a comment to accompany your file(s) from your Desktop, the Workstorm File Repository or any of your integrated DMS solutions. 

Re-sharing files

Re-share files with other members or teams by clicking the   icon within a Private or Team conversation. Then search for and toggle on the Private or Team recipient/s that you want to re-share the file with. You can add a comment in the provided text box and see information on the file (previous upload date, uploader, etc.) by clicking on Details above the comment box. Click on Share to instantaneously re-share those files with your selected recipient/s. 

Re-sharing files within Workstorm saves you time by not having to download or re-upload a file in order to share it more broadly among colleagues and stakeholders. Members can re-share files that were either uploaded by or shared with them.

Receiving files

Members can receive, view, download and re-share files from other members via Private and/or Team conversations. Click on Files and then Workstorm in the left menu to see a list of all files you have either received or uploaded, or open a specific Private or Team conversation to open a file shared in that conversation.

Accessing DMS integrations

To access your firm or company’s integrated document management system (DMS), such as iManage or Dropbox, click on Files in the left menu. Your DMS folder will appear under your Workstorm file folder.

Click on the DMS folder, and enter your credentials to login to your DMS account.

Your personal folder structure will appear, with access to all documents stored in your DMS.

Search by keyword or file name to find specific documents. 

To re-share, view a DMS file within its respective DMS solution or download the file to your desktop, select the ellipsis and then Re-share, View in iManage or Download, for example. Re-sharing a DMS file in Workstorm sends a DMS file link to the recipient via the Messaging feature. Clicking on the link will open a new tab inside the DMS system where the user can edit or update the file as needed, all while maintaining version control within the DMS system.

If your company uses another product for DMS, please contact a Workstorm representative to see if there is an integration available.

Secure, high capacity file sharing and storage is one of the most frequently used tools in Workstorm. Members can quickly share, download, store and collaborate on files all within the same platform, while being assured all information is safe, secure and kept confidential.

Updated on January 7, 2020

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